did you know

…pavo means peacock in Latin.
…the peacock is probably the oldest known ornamental bird.
…the number 6 in a 24/6 staple stands for the height of the staple, in this case 6 mm.
…in the EU the thickness of a pouch is mentioned in a combination of number, for example 2×75 micron.
…in the UK the microns are a sum of the total thickness (in this example2x75=) 150 micron.
…a laminator is also known as a laminating machine and a comb binder as a binding machine.
…the term ‘small office’ is also known as ‘soho’? Yes, just like the NY neighborhood in Manhattan.
…a paperclip is often used for purposes for which it was never designed; push the small reset button, toothpicks, clean nails or are a victim of frustration.
…Bert from Sesame street collects paperclips, he even has a gold one.
…Rotterdam (NL) has a building in the shape of a paperclip.