For more than 15 years Pavo has been active in the Office Products industry. In the early years the main activity was in Asia. Offices where located in Hong Kong from where Joint Ventures with local and partners from the PRC were set up. All activities were focussed on manufacturing of and exporting Office Products. In those years much know how on OEM manufacturing and quality control was developed.

Pavo has increased the service that can be offered to customers by investing in European based logistics in 2002. The location for the logistic centre was chosen to be close to the port of Rotterdam, offering efficient and quick maritime transport from Asia. Also from here we have short transit onward times to all major European destinations.

Today Pavo is a partner to many main distributors in the industry, appreciated for all the services we can offer: manufacturing, sourcing, QC controls, product photography, artwork development and realisation, financing, warehousing and logistics. Pavo masters all the disciplines that are required to bring private label products on the market, leaving its distributors without any work or worries. The products that Pavo manufactures and trades cover a very vast part of anything used in offices spaces, making Pavo a one stop shop vendor.

Pavo offers a complete range of Pavo branded Office products that find their way to the market through office products distributors and food / non-food retail.

The main ingredient for the success of Pavo is the commitment to quality that is shared by the complete staff. We continuously strive to improve the quality of our work.

We want to maintain our dedication in a constantly changing demanding market, to focus on user friendly products, to ease the workload for customers and to provide solutions in their working environment.